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Hung and smooth

July 11th, 2010

Received these texts last night. Someone gave this dude a fake phone number?

shit goin down on capp street?

June 8th, 2010

so i was just at the uptown on capp and 17th when there’s a commotion at the bar and everyone’s looking out the window.  there’s a sharp dressed black dude in a suit with his hands in the air getting out of his late 80s e-series mercedes (slightly beat up, completely stock) and a cop is approaching him with gun drawn.  as i’ve gleaned from others who saw things from the beginning, the cop was already out of the car with gun drawn, apparently shouting to the black guy to get out of his car.  when the black dude was down on the knees, the cop holstered his gun and whipped out some [what appeared to be] pepper spray.  finally after handcuffing the black dude, the cop put away the pepper spray and “maneuvered” the black dude to the cruiser and against the hood.  finally, the dude was locked up in the back of the cruiser.

later, at least 2 other cruisers arrived.  i noticed that these guys weren’t SFPD–they were UCSF cops–out of their territory (i think there’s a business office on 17th and treat).  the half dozen or so cops scoured this dudes car (including  under the hood) for a good 45 minutes and found nothing.  some time later, they hauled the dude away and most of the cops left.  finally, a tow truck arrived and towed the mercedes away.

without knowing all the details, i’m not gonna call this DWB, but it seemed really excessive for the cop to already have his gun drawn.  also, they didn’t find anything in the car itself.  will be keeping an eye open on the UCSF police blotter to learn more.

UPDATE: From the UCSF Police blotter, this incident doesn’t seem to appear (unless it’s the sex offense at 17th/Folsom).

Massive Attack

June 6th, 2010

Massive attack rocked the Warfield last week-so good I went back for the 2nd show. Set list was a bit heavy from their new album, Heligoland (which I’ve got no complaints on), but they also played the good stuff from the past (Unfinished Sympathy and Inertia Creeps were amazing). Visuals were both entertaining and educational–good to see artists take advantage of their influence to spread some progressive thought. An even better show than their ’06 performance at the Greek.

Sometimes it’s scary how idiotic people can be…

June 1st, 2010

So this chick is getting off 101 and decides to pull over in the Y between 101-N and the 9th street exit to take a phone call.  No, her car did not break down–after her call, she headed back on her way.  Is this a matter of “I don’t know whether to go left or right, let me call for directions?” Or, “OMG, this conversation is too much, I better pull over in the middle of the goddamn highway”.  Or, “Oh, Bobby’s calling, but I don’t have my headset, better pull over ’cause I might get a ticket if I talk without a headset”.  Oh jeez.

Yeah, namaste, bitches!

May 25th, 2010

Seen at the bathroom at Ti Couz.

Little bit of love

May 15th, 2010

Breakestra played Mezzanine last night promoting their new kick ass album Dusk Til Dawn. Some damn good funk.

shit goin down in somisspo?

May 9th, 2010

been hearing sirens all night long and just left trader joes–cops have cordoned off the dolby building on 9th/brannan, as well as division east of brannan. something crazy’s goin down fo sho.

update from Emergency in SF: Shelter in Place from 7th to 9th and from Brannan to Townsend. Avoid this area. Traffic is being diverted.

More: Appears to be a major gas leak (again).


April 23rd, 2010

Schmidt’s on 20th $ Folsom. Total sausage fest–in more ways than one.

Seriously though, good sausage, good spaetzle, good potato salad. Avoid the onion soup.

Air at the Fox Theater

March 27th, 2010

Air played the Fox Theater Friday night in Oakland. Good show, though much more mellow than their previous bay area performances.

If you haven’t been to the Fox, check it out–truly a beautiful venue.

Yelptarding: Smog Checks

March 21st, 2010

So ISmog Check Logo needed to get a smog check and after doing a little googling, found out that the cost can vary significantly.  The best deals seem to be found on SFAdvertiser.com ($29.95 for the check, $8.25 for the certificate, plus $2 to electronically transmit the results to the DMV). Other places charge upward of $80 for the whole shebang.

I tried one of the shops from the Adverstiser–RPM Auto…big mistake.  I made an appointment, showed up on time, waited for half an hour, and then was told that they still couldn’t get to me and unapologetically advised that I should come back another day.  Thanks for wasting my time.  Other customers there seemed to have been waiting a long time too.

So…I tried San Francisco Test Only Smog on 1998 Market St (at Duboce).  They take VISA/MC, had me in and out in less than 20 minutes, are open 7 days a week (8a-6p M-F, 9a-4p Sa-Su), and give you a nice little chocolate as a treat for passing your test.  Be advised that they don’t offer free re-test.